We play every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - Doors Open at 5:30pm

All sessions non-smoking
Sales: Begin at 5:30pm | First Chance: Begin at 6:45pm | Regular Game: Begin at 7:00pm
Buy-in: $20 for one 9-on & $8 for an extra 6-on - Payout $250
Hot Ball: $2 each for a chance to win the progressive hot ball


  • First Chance: $3 for one 3-on with 3 games payout $50
  • Daily Progressive Blackout: $2 for one 3-on
  • House game: $2 for one Double Action
  • Bonanza: $1 per card with $1000 Jackpot
  • Odd/Even Coverall: $2 for 3-on with $1199 jackpot

Bingo Rules for Lucky 7 Casino
1. In case of dispute or discrepancy Bingo manager, or designated employee, will make the final decision.
2. You must be 21 to play Bingo.
3. No carry in food or beverage allowed in the bingo hall.
4. Alcoholic beverages allowed in bingo hall.
5. Player must bingo on the last number called.
6. Lucky 7 Casino reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
7. Each player must purchase and play their own admission pack.
8. Pack splitting and pack sharing is prohibited.
9. Cell phones must remain silent during game session.
10. When caller has closed the game, no other bingos will be allowed.
11. It is a player’s responsibility to yell BINGO loud enough or wave your paper in the air for any Bingo employee to hear or see.
12. Players must display admission tickets at all times.
13. Prize amount is determined by dividing the total number of winners into the jackpot amount.
14. Paper cards can only be marked with Bingo dauber.
15. Management reserves the right to make changes in any program without prior notification.
16. If you leave the Bingo hall during a session for a restroom break, you will be given a maximum of 5 minutes before returning to the Bingo session. Only an employee can mark your cards while you are gone. Spectators are limited to 5 minutes